Omaha High-Owl Game Round

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Below is an example of an ordinary limit poker game circle.

Pocket Cards: Four cards distributed by players down the image after the blinds have been made.

The first round of trade: Trade passes in a circle, clockwise. The first bet is made by the player sitting to the left of the player who made the big blind. At this stage, players can either raise, or equalize the bet, or reset the cards. The minimum bid increase is equal to the lower bet for this table (for example, $ 2 in game $ 2 / $ 4 game).

Flop: Three flop cards put the cards face up on the middle of the table. These maps are also called generic cards, because all players can use them when compiling their own combinations.

The second round of trade: Betting is done according to the same rules as in the first round.

Thorne: At this stage of the game, another common map, called Tjorn, is laid out at the center of the table.

Third round of trade: The third round of trading differs from the first two. In this circle, players can only raise their bid to the upper limit of the table (for example, $ 4 in the game $ 2 / $ 4).

River: The river is called the last general map.

Fourth round of trade: The fourth round of trade is the last and is under the same rules as the third round of trade.

Start a new game: The next game starts with the fact that the dealer’s number moves one place to the left.

Bidding system: The trade starts at a clockwise direction from the player sitting to the left of the player who made the big blind. Players bet on the likelihood of winning a combination of pocket and general cards.

Resetting maps: If you reset your cards, it means that you are losing money that you have already made or that you have made as a blind. Having dropped cards, you are out of the game before the next round.

Pass / Equal: A pass means that you stay in the game by making a bet. The equation means that you need to make the same amount that the player has made before you.

Wa-banka: If you want to continue to bet but you do not have enough money to equalize your bet to stay in the game, you can go to the wagon. This will allow you to stay in the game and compete for the main bank. An additional pot is created for players who continue to make regular bets. The player who went to the wagon cannot win an extra pot, even if at the end of the game he has a winning hand.