History and the Mystique of Poker

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About the history of poker controversy still exists. According to one version the name comes from the German word Pochen a ripple that can be interpreted as a heartbeat. This card game exists over 450 years. She originated in Europe, and the first written mention of the poker variant that has survived to this day appears in 1829. For the first time in the most popular Texas Hold’em poker game played in Robustaun, Texas, in the early 20th century. The game was brought to Las Vegas by Texas players. At one time, poker was the national card game of the United States. He now holds the championship in the US in popularity. Every year there are many international tournaments, the most famous of which is the World Series of Poker. The game has its own heroes and record holders: Icelandic Phil Lac spent 115 hours in a row at the card table in 2010, alternating poker games with 5-minute breaks every hour. The biggest poker winner was about 9,100,000, and his Danish player Peter Eastgate, 22, was in 2008. In addition to traditional poker, in recent decades’ online poker has become very popular, with several thousand players playing simultaneously in a single casino. Therefore, it is not surprising that poker in the world takes 3rd place in the number of spectators on television, after football and racing. There are over 130 varieties of poker, and in New Mexico there is a law that if two candidates for a certain position have scored the same number of votes, the result is determined by some kind of game. The real case of the application of this law was recorded in 1998 in the town of Estanziya. James Farrington and Joan Carlson received equal votes in city elections. So he had to play poker then James became the mayor of the city. To taste poker for celebrities, especially athletes. Some of them do not refuse to participate in tournaments or promote the virtual casino. As with any game, poker has its own signs and superstitions. So, it’s considered a bad sign to play in a room in which there is a dog. But play in dirty clothes for luck. There is a theory that the deck of playing cards has a sacred mystical meaning. 52 cards represent 52 weeks of the year, 4 suits seasons. If you make all the values of the playing cards, then the total will be 364, as a year without one day. And if you add another joker, then we will have all 365.