7 Card Stud Poker

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This game can be played by a maximum of 8 players (plus a virtual dealer). The most important difference between this and other games is that there are no “common cards” in the 7 Card Stud. Each player has his own individual hand and in fixed limit games there are only two limit bets.

At the beginning of the round, players must make ante. Ante is part of the limit bet, it plays the same role as the blinds when playing Hold’em.

The first player can make a full bet or enter Bring-In. This bet is less complete and also like placing a blind in other types of poker, the player only needs to add a difference if the bet is complete and he has decided to equal it. Other players can also equalize, supplement or increase their bid. When the bets are made, goes 4th Street. At this time, the player with the largest card or better combination starts the trading circle. This time there is no Bring-In. At this stage, any player may set a maximum limit applicable to all subsequent bets.

Dictionary of the 7th Card Stud Poker

Ante: The chips that are placed in the pot before the game starts. In Hold’em, such chips are called blinds. Ante guarantees that the winning hand will get the money.

Pocket Cards: The first two cards that are distributed to players at the beginning of the game. Other cards are distributed face up and are called “streets” (see below).

Bring-in: Match-in is a mandatory bet that one player has to make at the beginning of the game – of course the one who has the youngest with the overturned top-notch cards. This amount is usually less than the minimum bid amount.

3rd Street: The first round of trading, when all players were given three cards. In the 7th Card Stud, any player who has a card is required to bet brіng-іn (see above).

4th Street: The second round of trading, in which each player has 4 cards. At this stage of the game players can skip the pass (pass), raise, equalize the bet or reset the card. The next round of trading, as a rule, starts with the player with the best hand.

5th Street: The third round of bets in which all the players in the game have five cards. The bid limit at this stage reaches the maximum established by the institution. And again, the start of a trading circle, as a rule, begins a player with the best hand.